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Vacation Paradise Between Yosemite and Sequoia. There's Never an Entrance Fee!

     Welcome. Like many folks, you’re home, frustrated and itching for something fun to do. So you browse the internet for answers.
     Thanks for staying home! This is a necessary evil, but will help us all get back to a more normal lifestyle while working to stop the spread of this virus. What’s the first place you’re going to visit?
     You have probably decided to stick closer to home when selecting a spot for yourself, family and friends to visit. If you live along the Central Coastal, in the San Joaquin Valley or Southern California, consider our area. On average, it is less than four hours away. Naturally, we will welcome visitors once it is safe to travel again.
     Shaver Lake area resorts and other businesses are taking the necessary steps to keep visitors, employees and their communities safe. These mountain destinations will endure. This vast outdoor playground will be here for you to enjoy when this health crisis is over. While you continue to stay home and do your part, we would love to see you in the near future.
     So forget about Yosemite, King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Once you get a taste of this region, you’ll come back year after year. This outdoor, year around vacation paradise will please nearly everyone. It easy to find.
New Kisok for Visitors
      “What is there to do and see here?” “Where can I camp?” Is propane available up here?” “What’s on the other side of Kaiser Pass?” “Is there a grocery store around here?” "Can I get a regional map somewhere?"
      Visitors to this mountain area now have an easy way to find what they’re looking for. The Shaver Lake Volunteers group realized that tourists needed overview of what to see, where to go, and what to do when they get there.
     Diverting from their normal focus on building and maintaining trails as well as general trash cleanup, the all volunteer group constructed a unique Visitor Information Kiosk in the Shaver Lake Community Center parking lot.

Come on up and enjoy a wide variety of great outdoor recreational activities!

The community comes together to fight fire.

Six Major Lakes Beckon Anglers to Try Their Luck Outwitting Big Trout

     Western Outdoor News always spreads the joy of fishing in the Eastern Sierra. Well their staff should spend some time in this region where fisherman are offered some of the finest angling action, anywhere.
No matter if you prefer fishing from a boat, a float tube, kayak or from shore the fish are in these lakes and the river to tempt you from sunrise to sunset. It would be hard to fish all the wonderful lakes in the area on just one vacation, so here is information on several you might try in the near future.
     Shaver and Huntington Lakes are the most well known locally. But you’re in for a treat when you travel to Wishon and Courtright Reservoirs. They are accessed from Shaver Lake by taking Dinkey Creek Road to McKinley Grove Road. Follow that through an area that features Giant Sequoias. The two reservoirs that are part of the PG&E Helm’s Project.
 Wishon is just beyond the Wishon Village RV Park about 26 miles from Shaver. You get to Courtright off McKinley Grove Road by turning
onto Courtright Way. It is 11 miles from the turnoff.  Each offer great Rainbow Trout and German Brown fishing and boat launch ramps.  Wishon Village features RV and Tent Camping, a general store, marina and boat rentals.
    Going north from Shaver past Huntington Lake is the Kaiser Wilderness. Here you will find Portal Forbay (35 miles), Ward (40 miles), Edison and Florence Lakes (each 45 miles) and fantastic fly fishing on the San Joaquin River (40 miles) near Mono Hot Springs. Campgrounds are available. Details are here or call 877-444-6777.
     There are boat rentals and a small store at Florence, plus a ferry service across the lake to popular hiking trails and the Muir Trail Ranch.
     On the shores of Edison Lake you will find Vermilion Valley Resort with lodging, restaurant, boat rentals, ferry service for PCT hikers and a well stocked general store.
Trolling the lakes produce outstanding results. Lures, spinners, lead core line and night crawlers work well. Night crawlers or Power Bait are the best bait for those shore fishing from shore.

Saddle Up for an Adventure

     Many families will spend an hour or two riding horses in Sierra National Forest this year.
     My family did this as well. Then, 41 years ago this summer, I climbed aboard a horse to begin a six day pack trip into the backcountry with my kids.
     Although I had been camping and fishing since childhood, I figured I knew what to expect. Boy, was I wrong. The alpine lakes, rushing streams, lush meadows, wildlife, granite formations and sounds of the forest were incredible.
     But, hey don’t take my word for it. Go see for yourself!
     Packing outfitters typically offer the following:
     All Expense Trips. A deluxe service that includes stock, packers, cooks, food and camping equipment. A custom itinerary is created for you. It covers the menu, livestock, guides and trip objectives.
     Base Camps: Ride to your predesignated campsite where your tent camp has been moved
in by mule prior to your arrival. Stay in one location. All meals are provided. You have your own personal horse for daily rides.      Spot Trips: You ride to your destination. Your provisions are moved by pack animal to your preferred location. The stock and packer return for you on a predetermined date. You provide your own camping gear and food.
     Continuous Hire: Packer and livestock stay with your party during your trip. You provide your own camping gear, provisions and meals. including packers.
Bring Your Own Stock
     For those with their own riding stock, the Sierra National Forest provides excellent opportunities for trail riding and overnight camping.
     Horseback riders will share trails with hikers. Practice trail courtesy, traveling single file to avoid widening trails or damage to vegetation. Do not cut switchbacks. Pack out what you bring in.
     Only 25 pack stock are permitted in the wilderness with any group. You must pack in all of the feed for your animals. Supplemental certified weed-free feed such as alfalfa pellets or crimped oats, are recommended.
     Pack and saddle stock must NOT be tied within 100 feet of any water, trails, or campsites. Don’t tie stock to small trees, trees must be 18 inches and over.
     In wilderness areas several areas on the forest provide camping facilities and corrals for equestrian users.
Overnight stays in the wilderness require a Wilderness Permit.

Travelers marvel at the the regional beauty.


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