Dutch Oven Cooking Is Fun To Try and Master While Camping Out

     The Dutch Oven was central to cooking out in the open for pioneers, miners, cowboys and others for years.
     Today using a Dutch Oven to cook has a new following. Dutch Oven Cook Offs have become nearly as popular as Chili Cook Offs.
     With a Dutch Oven an inventive cook can roast, bake, simmer, fry, boil and steam their food. They can bake fresh bread, cobblers, cakes and pies.
     On a recent camping trip, a friend of ours decided to bake some biscuits for his dinner. Here is his explanation.

Dutch Oven Cooking is lots of fun.

Biscuits that came out just perfect.
     “My wife was given a Dutch Oven for Christmas and we took it camping with us,” he explained. It was decided that we would bake some biscuits to try out this new device. What could go wrong with baking some biscuits?“
     “I took a roll of Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Biscuits and separated them into individual biscuits on the bottom of the Dutch Oven.” he continued as we sat on the porch drinking a beer.
     “I had a good fire going and put the oven in the campfire pit. Then I let them bake for about 10 minutes as suggested on the package,“ my friend continued. “You can imagine my surprise when I opened the lid and saw my biscuits literally on fire.”
     “Obviously, I needed further instructions on how to do this correctly,” he concluded with a chuckle or two.
     He has since spent time learning how to use this cooking system and has successfully baked bread, roasted chicken, made some delicious pulled pork and tasty tri-tip.
     There are two cooking methods. First you can use it to cook an item or dish and second you can place a dish on a trivet in the Dutch Oven which will keep the dish from burning the food inside.
     You can even put a Dutch Oven on a stove top or into your regular oven at home.
     Here are some basics to help you get started. When roasting, coals must be equally distributed on the lid and under the oven. For baking, have more heat on the lid than under the oven.
     A three to one ratio is suggested. Boiling and frying require heat from the bottom.
     Most of the heat comes from the bottom with a few coals on the lid, which can be used as a griddle for pancakes or eggs. So read more about how to use a Dutch Oven and give it a try on your next camping trip. It can be fun for the whole family!