Ten Essentials for Mountain Travel

     These ten items you should always be with you on a trip to the mountains.
     Whether you sprain an ankle or take a wrong turn, you may end up spending an unexpected night in the woods and you’ll be so glad to have extra clothes, food and a flashlight.
     1. Map - Topographic map of the region in which you will be traveling.
     2. Compass - What good is that map without a handy compass.
     3. Sunglasses - If you wear a hat, get one that covers the back of your neck. Pack sunscreen, yeararound.
     4. Extra clothing and rain gear - The weather up on a mountain is unpredictable. Always keep a raincoat with you.
     5. Headlamp/flashlight - Always have a good light source in your pack. Have extra batteries as well.
     6. First-aid supplies - It is smart to have first-aid supplies with you on vacation.
     7. Firestarter - Have matches in a waterproof container or Butane lighter. You may need some sort of fire starter. Bring a candle or purchase a commercial fire starter. Some folks use dryer lint.
     8. Water and purification - You cannot dip-and-sip in a stream. Mountain water needs to be purified so it doesn’t make you sick from giardia. Always carry extra water and purification tablets or a water filter with you on a mountain vacation.
     9. Knife / Multitool - A Swiss Army Knife or one similar can be a life saver. You can slice cheese, clip blister bandages, and help repair
gear. Keep it clean and well maintained between uses.
     10. Extra food - You may underestimate how much fuel your body needs while on vacation. Other times, you may spend an unscheduled night somewhere that was not planned. So pack a couple of trail bars, chocolate bars, chips, jerky, bread, peanut butter and other favorite stuff that doesn’t require any cooking.