Careful Planning Leads to Safety When It Comes to Your Vacation

     All your planning has been done and you’re patiently waiting for leaving on your trip. But are you ready for your upcoming vacation? Well, let’s check and see for sure.
     First of all what’s in your trunk? When you’re taking an extended trip into the Sierra National Forest during the spring, summer, fall or winter months, there are some things that should be in the trunk of everyone’s vehicle!
     Naturally you need to carry chains with you when you drive to the mountains during the winter months. But you will find that chains can also be helpful if you encounter muddy roads or if you happen to find icy road conditions which can occur any time of the year.
     Aside from keeping your vehicle in good mechanical condition, you will need to properly inflate your tires and have a full fuel tank.
     The image to the right shows you all the items that might help keep you safe if your break down or if the weather turns really ugly.
     Stay with your vehicle if you get stuck, especially in the snow. It provides temporary shelter and makes it easier for rescuers to locate you.
     Don’t try to walk in a severe storm. It’s easy to lose sight of your vehicle in blowing wind, rain or snow and you can become lost. Don’t over exert yourself trying to push or dig a vehicle out of the snow or mud.
     Tie a brightly colored cloth to the antenna or place a cloth at the top of a rolled up window to signal distress. Now that you know a little more about travel safety, you will hopefully have, no worries. You have prepared yourself for any extra adventures.