What to Pack When Traveling Into the Sierra

     Oh Boy! It is time to take that camping trip. If you have vacationed in the mountains before, you most likely know what to pack.
     However, if you are new to such adventures, here are a few tips regarding clothing and footwear.
     Naturally you are going to pack those shorts, a bathing suit, long pants, tank tops, tee shirts and maybe a hoodie.
     Those are all great choices for mild summer weather. But you are going into a higher altitude location. This calls for sudden weather changes that may not be anticipated. Therefore, you will want to pack a warm, heavy coat, warm gloves, thermal underwear and knit cap.
These items will keep you warm when the unexpected storm rolls in during your trip.
     Take stock of your footwear as well. Most likely you'll have your flip flops. They seem to be everywhere during vacations. But, they are not safe on mountain hikes. They can easily allow you to stumble in rocky terrain. Instead, take a good pair of hiking boots or at least some running shoes.
     Having a pack back is a good idea as well. It can accommodate the warmer items along with a water supply, some snacks, water proof matches and flashlight.
     Last, but not least, what do you carry in your pockets? Well, the most handy item is a good pocket knife. It can come in very handy in many situations.
     So venture out, have fun and stay safe. We want you to come back again!