Visitors Bureau Promotes the Region

     You’ve heard of Yosemite, King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Well, once you get a taste of this region, you’ll come back year again.
     Whether you are looking for world class hiking, fishing, boating, off-road trails, horseback riding, pack trips, cross country skiing, sailing,
Cell Phones and Wifi Services
     The mountains are not real cell phone or wifi friendly. But that can be a really good thing.
     Your kids will hate the fact they cannot recharge their phones. So use this time to educate them.
     After a family hike, a dip in the lake, a fishing adventure, a horseback ride or another fun event, have them express what they got from the experience.
     Take a box of crayons, a few pencils and a large blank pad for the kids. Then have them draw a picture and/or write an explanation of the adventure that they can share with other family members and friends not along on the vacation.
     Thus, they have an educational experience with art and writing that end up being a form of story telling.
     Who knows. Perhaps a budding graphic artist, journalist or designer will be born!
sightseeing and photography, the Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, Kaiser Wilderness and Dinkey Creek regions offer it all.
     The regions are actively promoted by the Shaver Lake Visitor’s Bureau.
     The SLVB is a designated 501(c)3 non-profit group and is dependent upon grants, sponsorships and donations. Get involved! Become a part of the effort to promote these unique regions.
     The group maintains an informational website that features outdoor recreational activities, a calendar of events and a list of community businesses in the area, as well as providing information needed to facilitate a good visitor experience.
     You can pick up a current copy of a regional visitor’s guide, which includes a detailed map of the region, at any one of the many stores, restaurants, lodging facilities, marinas and campgrounds at Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, Dinkey Creek and in the more remote backcountry facilities.
     Please visit the website for further details. You can also contact the group by phone at (559) 841-3350.

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