Wounded Warriors and Others Participate in Outdoor Activities

     Shaver Lake is unique in that it includes a resident organization that assists in making outdoor adventures accessible to persons with disabilities. The Central California Adaptive Sports Center (CCASC), under the watchful eye of Randy Coffman, invites participants to join with them for another summer of fun in the mountains.
     The local community non-profit organization has provided outdoor mountain adventures to persons with disabilities at China Peak in the winter and Shaver Lake in the summer. Since 2014, over 6,000 hours have been spent with participants and their families, including wounded Veterans from all over California.

     The summer season will feature weekend campouts and single day programs. The staff provides lessons, all camping and recreational equipment, as well as all meals. Each activity in the program is designed with adaptations for varying disabilities. Individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to participate.
     All programs incorporate the latest equipment and therapeutic recreation practices, facilitate activities in a professional manner, and collaborate with other organizations, with the goal of providing programming that has a lasting impact on the quality of our participant’s lives. The participation of family and friends empower our participants in their daily lives, and have a positive enduring effect on confidence, health, independence, and overall well-being.

     For those spending a weekend, depending on interest and suitability, activities include a combination of mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, fly-fishing, and paddle boarding. Also included are two days and nights of camping overnight in tents. Weekend programs begin at 6 pm on Friday and end at 1 pm on Sunday.
    If you prefer to come just for one day, we have scheduled several mid-week, single day sessions. You can join us for a Saturday during one of our weekend sessions. All single day programs begin at 9 am and end at approximately 4 pm.
     All participants will begin their adventure at the Adaptive Sports Center in the community of Shaver Lake in the Ken’s Market parking lot.
     It takes a team to make our programs work. For each participant, we need at least one
volunteer in addition to staff instructors. Instructors and guides assist participants with hiking, mountain biking, camping, rock climbing, horseback riding, and kayaking. To be considered for a position, you must work in a team environment, and be interested in enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities. Volunteers are needed for both summer and winter seasons. No prior experience is necessary. Instructors must be at least 18 years of age. Base Area and Field Assistants must be at least 16.
     Detailed information is provided here. You can also call (559) 593-2504 or email the staff.

Catch a Trophy Trout

     Welcome to Shaver Lake home of the trophy trout. We are very proud of our lake as it produces very nice kokanee and trout. Additional fish found here are catfish, bluegill, perch and small mouth bass.
     The small mouth bass are super fun to catch and can be found around rocks in most locations of the lake. You will find many of the catfish in Dorabella Cove. The smallies like crickets and small spinners’ best. The catfish, about whatever you throw out.
     Our trout population is mainly Rainbow but there is also a good amount of Brown’s. From the bank, Power Bait or crawlers seem to work best for trout. Of course spinners, Kastmasters and other casting lures can have success.
      DF&W plants fish here about three times a year. This year our allotment of fish delivered is up a bit, this may be of benefit for all fishermen. They planted large rainbows in March, and catchables in April. The next possible plants will most likely be in late June and early August (no guarantees).
     The Shaver Lake Trophy Trout Project planted their first load of trophy sized trout, three plus pounds, in April. Here is a hint, the second load will be before July 4th. Ok it will be in June. I know, I am the president and want to share this information with you.
     For those of you who want to troll for kokanee or trout, both marinas have ample fishing boats, bait and tackle, but the marinas open up after dawn. But, in my 12 years of operating my fishing charters here on Shaver Lake, I have found that the crack of dawn is the best time to fish for trout or kokanee.
     When fishing, remember you must have a valid fishing license for ages 16 and older. Fishing licenses can be purchased at Shaver Lake Sports in the village or both marinas.
     For me, if I were fishing the shoreline, and you are camping at Camp Edison, I would go to the area between the marina and the mouth of Dorabella Cove. From the mouth of Dorabella Cove and back 3 to 4 hundred yards is where many of the trophies hang out.
     If you decide to charter a trip, there are four charter companies available. Dick’s Fishing Charter is available only three days a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are three other guides: Tom Oliveira Fishing, Todd Wittwer’s Kokanee.com and Fish Box Charters. You can check with Shaver Lake Sports (559) 841-2740 for guide services.
     Perhaps I will see you out there. Dick Nichols of DicksFishingCharter.com.