Extensive Trails for Mountain Biking Adventures

      Mark Twain once said “Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” There’s a sense of freedom that comes along with riding a bicycle.
     From mountain biking to road cycling, each one provides a different aspect to the sport that should be experienced. Luckily, the Sierra National Forest is a mountain biker’s dream! It is the home to a variety of cycling adventures.
     Here’s just a few of the cool biking opportunities available to you in and around Shaver Lake.
     Crisp mountain air, a variety of easy or aggressive trail rides mixed with the scenic tours make bike riding a great pastime for all ages. You can experience miles of mountain biking trails through majestic Sierra National Forest in the Kaiser Wilderness and Dinkey Wilderness as well as the Countright and Wishon Reservoir regions.
     The Sierra National Forest offers some of the finest single-track riding anywhere, from easy to technical. Detailed maps are available at Shaver Lake Sports and a guide to the region published by the Shaver Lake Visitor’s Bureau is to be found at most business in the region.
     Nonetheless, there are many opportunities for two-wheel enthusiasts on, or near, the Sierra National Forest.
     Paved roads that head into the forest are usually very steep but offer scenic-if challenging- hill climbing. Summers can be hot and dry. It’s important to carry extra water.
     The Dinkey Creek trail is 11.7 miles long. It begins at Cow Creek Quarry and ends at Deer Creek. The trail is great for Mountain Biking The ride from Mono Hot Springs to Edison or Florence Lakes round trip is about 10 miles. The trail to Florence is fairly steep. The one to Edison is a less strenuous ride but very scenic.
     The Climb to Kaiser event in June is a 155 trek from Clovis to the Kaiser Summit and back. You can also bike along the Kaiser Pass Road to Sample Meadows then the Stump Springs Road down to Big Creek and back to Shaver.
     You can cover 56 miles round trip from Shaver Lake to the dam at Wishon. Courttright Reservoir is another nice place to take a bike ride. It is about 11 miles from the Wishon Village Store. It is in beautiful high Sierra terrain that is often referred to as “Tuolumne Meadows without the crowds”.

Lots of backcountry biking trails await you.