Tall trees at McKinley Grove.

Bring Binoculars to Watch for the Birds

     The Sierra Nevada is one of the premiere bird watching regions in the west. This is the home for over 300 species. Most are migratory.
     It is only natural that bird watchers come from far and wide to get a glimpse of these birds. The conditions are excellent for the birds.
     You’ll see a variety of hawks, Bald and Golden Eagles, Osprey and other birds of prey.
     You can watch the mischievous Mountain Jays scold nearly anyone and everything! If you don’t have your own, many of the merchants in the Sierra Nevada carry a variety of bird watching books. See how many you can identify!
     Please remember to keep your comfort and safety in mind when heading off into the wilderness to enjoy birding.
     Always take a heavy coat with you. Walking sticks are great for balance in those tricky places along the trail.
     It is also good to carry plenty of water, some sunscreen and some sort of snack for energy.